Relationship Building Games

It's just a game... but without creating that bond, trust, the rules, and respect with your dog, you really don't have anything!  We start building this relationship.

This class is a must:

~If you and your dog are lacking rapport, bond, or a strong relationship...

~If you have a young dog with hopes of participating in a sport...

~If your dog is more outward focused and ignores you...

A great place to start with any dog, no matter where you are at in a training program, is to incorporate the activities from this class and build that relationship!

*Class meets once a week for 4 weeks

Preparatory Work Courses

Engagement/ Focus

Now we want to harness that energy into a task.  Through this work we will see animation, effort, joy, and production.

To excel in most canine-related sports, engagement and focus is an integral part and must be built at the beginning of a training sport program.

*Class meets once a week for 4 weeks

Before you take on agility... before you take that nose work class.  Before flyball, shed antler hunting, detection, search & rescue, protection training, etc.. the foundation work in developing key components in motivating the dog to perform is of utmost importance.  This is the foundation on which everything will be built.  With that said, you can see the importance of this work!  Each course below builds on each other... take a look!

Drive Development

Now we transition into the development of what a dog is made of.  Genetically, some dogs have more of "it" than others.  You will discover a lot  about your dog and what they are capable of.

Once you build and tap into the drive of a dog, the sky is the limit and possibilities are endless.  Once you know how to operate your dog in drive, you can manipulate (in a very positive and desirable way) behaviors.  You can also build motivation and intensity in a given sport.

*Class meets once a week for 4 weeks