Focus Courses

These are topical courses where the focus may be on a single issue.  If there is one issue you want an explanation, information, and exercises that will be beneficial in finding solutions... this may be an option for you!  The format in which Focus courses will be presented will be unique.  From one hour, one day, one weekend or one week... or maybe weekly work on one thing.  From seminars, events, workshops, speakers, etc.  There can be a lot of flexibility.  Some topics that we are working on:

* Potty Training

* Recall (Come Command)

* Heel

* House Training

* Canine Health/ First Aid

* Puppy or Dog Selection

*New Baby on the Way... What About the Dog?

Check our website calendar for any upcoming Focus Courses

(*Feel free to share ideas on what you would like us to present in a Focus Course!)