Private lessons are a valuable option in many cases.  If we determine that it will ​be beneficial and effective for the owner to be                 involved in the work from the beginning, private lessons can be a solid solution.

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We hear things like this often, "My dog is really reactive.  We took him to an obedience class.  He really listens to my commands, but he's still really out of control when he sees another dog!"

Here's the thing!  Yes, we will work on obedience because it is valuable.  But in these programs, the emphasis is in changing the dog's thinking, mindset, and outlook rather than focusing on training commands.

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Behavioral Modification

We provide a program for dogs that display behavioral issues beyond the everyday dog obedience course.  Dogs that exhibit:

~Hyperactivity                    ~Resource Guarding                    ~Separation Anxiety                    ~Fear                    ~Shyness

~Reactivity                         ~Aggression                                 ~Compulsive Behaviors               ~etc.

If you are experiencing any behavioral issues with your dog that need professional help, we provide the help you need through the following programs.


      This program is where your dog would stay with us for an extended period.  Every case is unique, but dogs in these programs stay            with us from 1 to 2 months... it depends on the severity of the situation.  This is an immersion program.  The longer the dog is here,            the better. **Book a consultation by registering on the Home Page.**