This is such a great activity, and virtually any dog can learn to participate.  Whether your dog is big, small, young or old.  Teach your dog to identify a hidden odor by alerting you to its location.  Yes, this is a sport and it is literally gaining popularity around the world!


Maybe you have seen it on TV, on-line, at a half-time sporting event, or even at the fair.  Somewhere you have seen this and you thought, "Wow!  I would LOVE to do that with my dog!"  It combines so many benefits for your dog: Exercise for the body, training for the mind, and a confidence builder too!  It is a fantastic sport and you are invited to join us and participate with your dog.  Contact us for more information and we hope to see you soon!


Being in a sport with your dog is a great outlet for both human and dog.  The bond that you will create with your dog is beyond what words can describe.  It is teamwork!  To experience what your dog is thinking and in return they know what you are thinking is simply amazing...

Preparatory Work

Before you pursue dog sports or activities with most working dog disciplines, you need to develop in your dog: engagement, focus, and drive.  These are paramount.  You will want to look at these courses if you have a young dog or even an experienced dog that needs to go back to this foundational work.

Yes, participating in a dog sport is achievable!  But I want to temper the idea with some reality.  It is a sport... and athleticism is required with both dog and handler.  With any sport, time must be spent in order to be good, to even compete at some level.  Also, it is important to recognize and work to develop ability.  So, if you understand these things and if you have the interest, the desire, the passion, the time, and the stick-to-it-ness... what are you waiting for!?

Dog Sports