We are trainers first... which makes a HUGE difference! 

We know dogs... and strive to create a safe, clean, and fun atmosphere.

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Some Activities During Your Dog's Stay... Tether tug, hiking, 4-wheeler runs, lure coursing, running & playing, chasing & fetching, sniffing & exploring, interacting & engaged!  The purpose of doggie daycare is to provide a full day of activities for your dog... this expectation can also be for when you board your dog as well!

*participation in the activities above depends on each individual dog.  Our ultimate goal is safety first but we also work to provide what is appropriate for all dogs in our care.

Boarding Rates

$30 per day

Non-refundable deposit of $30 reserves your spot

2nd dog (same kennel)

+$25 per day

Non-refundable deposit of $30 reserves your spot

3+ dogs (same kennel)

+$20 per day

Non-refundable deposit of $30 reserves your spot

**Balance due on the first day of your dog's stay

Supervision... Around the Clock!  Not only is someone here during the day to spend time with your dog, but even after typical work hours, we are here.  In fact, most boarding businesses close at 5 pm.  That means your dog's next potty break will be around 7 am the next day.  So they have to try and hold it or try and rest in a messy kennel until morning. Our guests have their last potty break around 9 pm or 10 pm and we start the next day at 6 am.  This plan is much more advantageous for maintaining potty training.  It's very manageable, it's smarter, and it's healthier for the dogs!

The Benefits are Clear:

~Proper Socialization & Interaction.

~Exercise & Activity: provide an outlet for your dog while you are away.  You will notice a difference and your dog will thank you for it!

~Worry Free... Peace of Mind: Know that your dog is being taken care of by professionals.  No more wondering if they are safe.  No worries of 

  coming home and wondering if your house has been destroyed by a bored dog!

If you are looking for a fun, safe, and clean place for your dog while away..... you've come to the right place!

We Have Large Areas For Dogs to Run, Play, and Explore.  Take a look at the boarding and doggie daycare layout provided by the mega-pet store providers.  The dogs are crammed in an area no bigger than a one-stall garage.  You would also find that they do not get any outside play or exercise... not even a walk on a leash.  Check out other businesses off of the freeway, and you will find tiny play yards... a dog barely has enough room to break into a full sprint before hitting a fence. 

Day Care Rates

$25 per day

Sign up for the plan that works for you

    and save money!

  Xclusive Rate Plan

   4 x's a month: $80 (save $20/ month)

   8 x's a month: $160 (save $40/ month)

  12 x's a month: $220 (save $80/ month)

  16 x's a month: $320 (save $80/ month)

  20 x's a month: $400 (save $100/ month)

    Plans are purchased beginning of each month.

~Vacations  or  Weekend Getaways   

~Special Occasions

~Business Trips      

~Unexpected Events


~School/ Church Events   

~Weekly Routine in Providing a Fun & Engaging Outlet for Your Dog!

~Any reason in which you need your pet watched and taken care of!

What they're saying...

Our experience with both training and boarding have been wonderful!! Thanks XDog!! ~ Denise

You provide the best care & training around!! Thanks for all you do for our dogs. Highly recommend you any chance I get! ~ Beth

Boarding and Daycare

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Times:

Monday-Friday: 6 am - 6 pm (For both daycare and boarding)

Saturday & Sunday: Two windows... between 7 - 9 am or between 2 - 4 pm

*All arrangements need to be set by appointment.

*We adhere to our open and closing times.  An extra day charge will be added for drop-off or pick-up times that are arranged outside of business

  hours.  Please have your arrangements solidified before scheduling/ reserving dates.  Sorry, no exceptions.


Common themes we hear from returning clients are, "my dog always gets excited when we turn on your road!",  "My dog LOVES it here!" and one of our favorites, "When I get my dog home, he is tired.  He is so calm and just goes and lays on his bed.  He must've been busy!"  We hope you and your dog will love it here too!

Why Choose Boarding or Daycare?

Our Dogs Are Out Playing & Exploring...Throughout the Day.  Dogs staying with us are not only exercising their bodies but also their brains.  We provide a country feel, an environment that feels right for all canines!  We provide a place where dogs were meant to be... doing what dogs were made to do... and what dogs NEED to do!