Each class is about 1 hour long where we will put into practice what your dog learned during their time training at X Dog!  We truly want you to be successful in handling your dog and strive to assist you in your goals.  This program insures that learned behaviors are being solidified in that we are practicing and rehearsing successful repetitions.

 Free for those dogs that have completed these selected X Dog programs:

 *Xcellent K9 Program (RCT or RBT)                   *Dog - E - Day School

 *Xceptional K9 Program (RCT or RBT)               *Dog Day School

 *Xtraordinary K9 Program (RCT or RBT)                                                      

For those of you that have enjoyed this experience and want to continue on!

After your 4 months are completed and you want to continue training under this format with us, we offer extension prices of only $10 / class!

Upon completion of one of these selected programs, you then can participate in our free XTEND Class  for  4 months  AND  lifetime  XCURSION  Class!!

XTEND Classes! (verb 1. to stretch out; draw out to the full length)

Go above and beyond with your dog!  Our goal is to provide opportunities for you to work your dog with guidance from a professional trainer.  This way, you will get more hands-on experience in training.

*Free for those who have participated in selected X Dog programs!!

*Classes meet once or twice a week (come to one or both)!

*Meet other owners/ dogs as we train together!

*Strengthen you and your dog's abilities along with your relationship!

This unique & valuable option reinforces what your dog has learned at X Dog!  Owners and their dogs are more successful because they can continue on in training.  You and your dog will be given professional instruction that all but guarantees success.  That's the beauty of the design and purpose of these bonus classes.

Did you know it takes 3 to 6 months of training a dog for them to fully own that trained behavior!?

Bonus Classes

Free Training X-periences!!

XCURSION Classes!(noun 1. a short trip or outing to some place, usually for a special purpose...)

Let's take this gig on the road!  Now the proof is in the pudding... taking what you and your dog have learned out to surrounding areas!  We will plan seasonally appropriate outings where we focus on training, but also take part in fun activities as we do it!


*Keep an eye on our events and activities calendar.  We try and schedule around 6 activities a year.

*Enjoy fun activities with your dog along with meeting other new and fun people and their pets!